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Full automation seems to filter the human factor out of production only for personnel cost reasons. Increasingly, however, there are cases where the human being simply reaches his limits and only the full automation of a production process can maintain not only the economic efficiency, but also the production in general. Our newly developed automatic assembly machine S-MA-WF-SO for fully automatic assembly of dust caps on canisters reflects this fact.

Functional sequence:

The parts are manually poured into the storage container. The signal of the filling level monitoring in the oscillating bowl controls the storage container and transports the components into the sorting device.

The parts are aligned according to the mold, sorted and fed in the correct position by appropriate chicanes in the oscillating mold.

At the outlet of the oscillating bowl, the components are transferred to the dust belt buffer in the correct position.

At the end of the linear section, the parts are jammed in front of the separating tool. After the separation signal, which is transmitted by the control, one component is separated and made available for removal from the top.

Here the dust caps are taken over by a pick-&-place system and positioned on the article opening. The dust caps are then pressed into the article opening using a cylinder.



The automatic dust capping machine S-MA-WF-SO for canisters expands our product range.

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