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To offer added value to our customers, we are hard at work on a new development of a semiautomatically and fully automatically packaging machine for plastic bottles. The principle is quite simple: the bottles running in the packaging machine are set down fully automatically in a tray and in the second step the filled trays are set down on the pallet. Then the filled pallet is taken either manually or fully automatically from the packaging machine. Our effort is to place on the market a very compact, easy to operate and quick convertable machine. With an attractive price as well we will soon begin our next offensive.



The automatic dust capping machine S-MA-WF-SO for canisters expands our product range.

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The S-PACK-PAL-T-3000 is the further development of the S-PACK-PAL-T packing system

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The name of our new development is S-PACK-PAL-T

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