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How we think and act

  • We design and build machines and equipments with great enthusiasm for quality assurance and thereby contribute to humans and the environment
  • In everything we do, the focus is on people
  • We make good work with which our customers are highly satisfied and on which we ourselves can be proud of
  • The behavior of all actors in the network of relationships between employees, suppliers, customers and all active or inactive participated persons is based on mutual respect and appreciation
  • Our customers can always rely on us. This concerns all arrangements of machines to be built and their date of delivery as well as arranged services

"It is like among friends: if you need us, we are there"

Hans Steffes




The automatic dust capping machine S-MA-WF-SO for canisters expands our product range.

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The S-PACK-PAL-T-3000 is the further development of the S-PACK-PAL-T packing system

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The name of our new development is S-PACK-PAL-T

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