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In the beginning of the 70s, Hans Steffes, consulting engineer in the field of plastics engineering industry had the following vision:

From the blow-mould machine to the packaging

This vision became reality in 1973 and was constantly improved.

  • 1973
    Foundation of the first engineering company for plastics technology, project planning and the construction of various deflashing equipment, systems and leakage testing by means of additional controls and devices.


  • 1975
    Construction of the first new type of leak testing equipment for bottles, jerry cans and drums.


  • 1976
    For all kinds of hollow containers made of plastic


  • 1978
    Production of container collecting stations and packaging aids
  • 1982            
    Development of leak testing equipment for sheet metal packaging
  • 1988
    Construction of L-ring drum equipment with orientation and hole punching machine
  • 1992
    Extension of the L-ring equipment by means of integrated weighing systems
  • 1994
    Use of IBC  leak testing equipment
  • 1996
    Precise flow rate measuring devices for the automobile and pharmaceutical industry
  • 2001
    Inline leak testing equipment for long stroke blow moulding machines
  • 2005
    Chart display for the balancing technolog    


Today Steffes is market leader with periphery solutions for QS-control in the blow moulding business and since 1976 delivered over 5.000 machines. Steffes exports to approx. 100 countries worldwide with an export rate of 70-80%. 

Steffes as an exempt private company has been managed ever since with values such as customer satisfaction, product quality and product responsibility being of highest priority. Our customers estimate the high quality of the machines and also the competent and helpful customer service resulting from it.




The name of our new development is (S-PACK-PAL-T)

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